What if…?: A Reflection by Julie Schap

Julie Schap

What if…?
What if God were right here, and you could ask Him anything?
(Actually, He is, and you can.)
What if…God sent you an invitation to meet Him today at 3pm and bring your questions.
How would you prepare?
Well, let’s give this a go.
Would you start by saying, “Hello!”
Would you introduce yourself like, Hey, God, it’s me, Margaret?”
Why is it that thinking about this reduces each of us to being a child again?
Perhaps thinking about being face to face with God is truly the most humbling experience we can imagine.
So, don’t you want to start with gratitude?
You—thank you, God, for giving me this life.
God—And how, my child, do you show me that gratitude?
Now, what would you say?
Could you recite or list 5 ways your life exemplifies gratitude to God?
What about 10 ways? Oh, too many?
You couldn’t instantly recite 10 ways your life shows gratitude for the gifts God has given you?
What’s wrong with you?
Oh, that’s right. You’re only human.
And, as such, a mere human, you must know you can’t earn God’s love with anything you might do.
But you showed up today for this meeting with God and maybe, just maybe you should listen.
My beautiful child. I am so glad to see you and spend time with you.
I see you every moment of every day.
I pay attention to the countless ways you accept my love. I watch how my love flows through you to my other children, to my other creatures, to all the things of this earth.
Each act of kindness from you impresses me. Each gentle word to others brings me joy. And that joy radiates from Me back to you.
Do you know how good you feel when you praise Me at Mass, help your family, friends, and strangers, welcome everyone to know Me through you?
You bring peace and joy to a world that experiences sadness, hunger and hurt.
You are my hands, my feet, and my heart at my church in Memphis, in Tennessee, in the United States, in the world.
I want you to feel my love each day and be encouraged to do my work in helping others.
Thank you for spending time with me, my child. My beautiful child.
Oh, God, it was a pleasure.

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