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Couples wishing to get married at St. Patrick Catholic Church must make an appointment to see the pastor at least 6 months before the proposed date of the wedding. For a more detailed outline of what’s required, please download our St. Patrick Wedding Guidelines (and share it with your wedding planner), and contact the parish office at (901) 527-2542 for more information.
God created man and woman out of love and commanded them to imitate his love in their relations with each other. Man and woman were created for each other. Woman and man are equal in human dignity, and in marriage both are united in an unbreakable bond.
For more information about the Sacrament of Marriage, visit this website:

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“It is not good that the man should be alone. I will make a suitable parter for him…The two of them become one body” (Gn 2:18; 24).