United in Faith

Parish Share

Many parishes throughout our diocese are in great need of funds for capital projects as well as ministry. Recognizing this urgent need, the United in Faith campaign will return 50% of all funds collected up to our parishes’ assigned targets for their local needs. Once the parish has attained its goal, 75% of all funds raised over the goal will remain at the parish.  The Diocese of Memphis will collect donor contributions and disburse funds to the parishes on a quarterly basis.

Seminarian Education Endowment

The Diocese of Memphis is committed to supporting the pastoral and sacramental needs of our parish communities by providing for the formation of men for the priesthood.  Currently, we are blessed with nearly twenty men preparing themselves for a life of priestly service.  It is essential to fund this vital ministry, which operates at an annual cost of ~$1,000,000 ($50,000 per seminarian/year).

Priest Retirement

As our diocesan priests age and retire, they are deserving of our support.  The Diocese of Memphis continuously reviews our clergy’s pension and retirement needs regarding the cost of living increases, medical care, living arrangements, etc., to ensure that we are providing benefits that allow them to retire with dignity and grace.

Youth/ College/ Young Adult Ministry Endowment

Our church’s future lies in our youth and young adults’ spiritual growth and development at both our parishes and college campuses.  We must continue to provide opportunities to engage, encourage and strengthen the relationship the younger members of our Catholic Faith have with Our Lord and the communities in which they thrive.

Permanent Diaconate Endowment

In recent years, the role of deacons’ in our parishes has grown tremendously, serving an integral part of our spiritual and sacramental lives.  Currently, the Diocese of Memphis has 55 active deacons, and 41 men enrolled in the diaconate formation program. The need for ordained deacons has never been more prevalent, especially within our growing Hispanic communities. Wives of diaconate candidates are also compelled to take part in this formation. How many are involved in the current class? We don’t know because the Diocese doesn’t mention their time and commitment for some reason.